How can restaurants boost revenue and collect valuable customer data inside Facebook Messenger

If you haven’t yet discovered the value of a Messenger Chatbot, you will now.

We are giving away the entire premium system for free (over $497 value) with no strings attached (links below)

Small businesses will take a huge hit in the wake of Coronavirus, but local restaurants will suffer the most. At the time I’m writing this, 3% of restaurants in the United States alone have gone out of business in the last 3 weeks. That’s a lot of restaurants. All those tactics chat marketers have been using to get people in the door are useless for the foreseeable future. The best thing we can do is help local restaurants survive the rough road ahead, and the way to do that is to give them something they can use immediately to start generating revenue.

Making Things Simple For Restaurant Owners

We know you are a restaurant owner not a bot builder. Some restaurant owners might be crafty and have the time to learn how to build a bot, but most will not. You are too busy focusing on running a restaurant and in tough times, you probably have a ton on “your plate” to worry about. We don’t want to bring a bot to you now that creates more work for you, and adds stress. No, we want to give you a simple system that we’ve developed to help you boost revenue and utilize one of the best marketing channels out there at the moment, Facebook Messenger. We assume you own a computer, and you most likely use a spreadsheet program for your business already, and that’s the interface you will use to manage this bot.

In our system, a restaurant just needs to answer 7 basic questions and input the answers into a Google Sheet.

You don’t need to enter formulas into cells. You don’t have to know what Manychat is or even access Manychat (this is the bot building platform that runs the whole system). All you have to do is enter in data into these 7 columns and everything else works like magic. If you make changes in the Google Sheet, the Chatbot updates in real-time.

That 👆 instantly turns into this 👇

We are waving the installation and setup fee (over $497), and offering $100 off our monthly management fee of $297. This is great offer considering the value you’ll get by having a cutting edge ordering system running inside Facebook Messenger, and your increased revenue should make it a no brainer. And we haven’t even touched upon all the marketing opportunities this will bring for you to re-engage your customers. You can process orders with cash, or use Stripe or Paypal integrations to process transactions with a debit, or credit card and get revenue deposited right into your bank account.

How will a local restaurant benefit from this?

✅ Adds ordering convenience right from the customer’s phone in a familiar environment (FB Messenger)
✅ Provides a reason to communicate with customers in isolation
✅ Provides a way to let customers know a restaurant is still in business
✅ Provides a way to maintain ownership over the customer order experience
✅ Provides a way to collect menu data from customers and better plan ahead
✅ Provides a way for restaurants to generate revenue immediately
✅ Save on commission paid to food delivery apps – That’s additional $$ in your pocket.

Some of the features include:

Easy management by admin (no coding required)
List of menu items: meals, specials, categories
Review order before check out
Fetch user location
Easy checkout without leaving messenger
Add tip
Add delivery charge (fixed or based on location)
Add and calculate tax
Build a list of everyone who engages with your business on Messenger

And much more

How does the end-user experience work?

All of the core functions you would expect from a food ordering system are built-in. A Chatbot will dynamically generate a menu using the data entered into the 7 columns in the Google Sheet!

Clicking an Add to Order button in a dynamic gallery will add a your customer’s selected item to an order and all that data is stored in separate tab in the Google Sheet.

If you have more than 10 items on the menu, the 10th card in the gallery is a More button. When a user clicks the button to view more, another gallery will load reading the next set of rows in the Google Sheet.

Your customers can browse the entire menu, or browse by category. Because a restaurant owner can add keywords in the Google Sheet, bot users can search the menu too and a gallery will be dynamically generated for search results.

When users want to view their order, the bot will add up all items and display a total price.

Users can add more items, indicate quantities they want to order, remove individual items, or just clear the entire cart. Everything you would want from a dynamic food ordering system has been built-in. Of course, when a user is ready to complete an order, they can checkout and the bot will give them an order total, calculate taxes, add any delivery fees, list out everything in the order, and give customers a grand total for payment.

How you manage the checkout is up to you. You might just display the details of the order and instruct the customer to pay cash. However, the most effective means of transacting would be to connect a Stripe, or PayPal for payment and have the user pay directly through the bot with a credit, or debit card native payment integrations available in the bot platform.

What you you need to get started

As I mentioned above, we are giving this entire premium system for FREE. We are an independent social media and chat marketing agency based in New York City. Our customers are mainly small and medium size businesses including restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. They are also our friends. Our relationships go deeper than just pure profit. We love our friends, and we hate to see them suffer in this crisis. We are all in this together, and we must support each other now more than ever. Crisis reveals character.

This is an e-commerce and order management chatbot that runs inside Facebook Messenger. It is a paid product, part of our complete service offering for restaurants and local businesses that includes social media strategy, Facebook ads management, complete chat marketing solution, customer acquisition and engagement, loyalty programs, and much more. We would normally charge $497 + installation and set up. Management would be billed separately and starts at $297/mo. for up to 100 menu items.

Now for a limited time, you get:

✅ $0 management fee for the first 30 days
✅ $197/mo. management fee ($297), for as long as your subscription is active. That’s less than $7 a day.

This is our best offer yet, and you should act now before it goes back up.

Providing this entire turn key solution for free (over  $497 value), is our way of helping those who need to add an extra line of revenue to their business and begin generating sales immediately. Businesses using this will see the value it brings, and once the crisis is over we can revisit, and go over all the ways you can scale up and make it even better by adding some amazing strategies and tactics to it. There are endless possibilities, but let’s focus on getting through the hard times.

Here is what you get:

✔️ We’ll install ManyChat on your Facebook Business page – The chatbot system used to run the automation.

✔️ We’ll deploy and set up the ordering template for you

✔️ You can start taking orders immediately

Here is what you need:

  1. Add us as admin on your Facebook Business page.
  2. Manychat Pro Account starting at $10/mo – With admin access to your Facebook Page we can create the account for you, and link it. Manychat charges $10/month for up to 500 Messenger subscribers.

You will also need:

  1. PayPal Business Account or Stripe Account to receive payments by credit or debit card
  2. Google drive account for access to Google Sheets (optional)
  3. Good quality images of your menu items

This is a limited time offer to help businesses get through the hardship of the current COVID-19 crisis. If you think this is something that will benefit you, act now.

Q: How am I going to see/know when an order is placed?
A: When an order is successfully placed the admin of the page, or anyone else who is added to the bot as admin, will receive a notification with the details of the order inside their personal Messenger, an email will also be sent with the same details. There is also an option for sms notification but there is a small fee inside ManyChat for that.

Q: Can this be connected with my POS system?
A: Probably, but there are many different POS systems out there, and the goal of this bot is to allow for quick deployment, and immediate operation, and broad use. Additional features and personalizations can be added in the future. Let’s concentrate on the important part here. Stying in business.

Q: Is this rally free? What’s the catch?
A: No catch. We are giving this for free because if small businesses go out of business, we will be out of business. Also we were looking for a way to help, and since this is what we do, we decided it is appropriate to offer it.

Q: What is included in the management fee?
A: Maintenance, updates of menu items in the bot (up to 100), support. Basically making sure the systems runs smoothly. It does not include ads management or other social media marketing services, since those are customized for each business and require a lot more planning. You’re more than welcome to inquire if you like to learn more.

Q: How do I get people to start ordering through the bot?
A: Good question, you should be promoting it. You can have Facebook ads that run and direct people to this system. You can have links that you send to people in email or text message. You can have QR code that your customers can scan, and many other ways. This is also part of the complete service offering we have for businesses like yours.